April break —

I hate those words. Vacation from school is hard enough when you’re working, trying to juggle a houseful of kids (most times more than just my own) along with my work schedule. Trying to accommodate everyone usually gives one of us agita. That one is usually me – big surprise there. My boys often forget that just because I work from home, when they are off, doesn’t mean that I am off. Nor does it mean that I am at their beck and call – try explaining that to a bunch of kids.

Add to it the other reason that I hate April break in particular. It is that it is the one time of the year when it seems that everyone, and I literally mean just about everyone, is away. Away — as in some more beautiful and less messy place than Vermont during the height of mud season. Except of course for us. We are here enjoying the mud, slush, slime, slobber, dirt and grime that is mud season here in Vermont in all its glory. What makes it even worse is hearing and seeing how wonderful, beautiful, breathtaking, warm, sunny and most importantly DRY, the entire rest of the world is, or so it seems at this time of the year.

Okay, putting aside the jealous –geez, I wish I were the one going somewhere — streak that I cannot help but feel every April break, there is once again the fact that everyone, or nearly everyone is gone. Which makes it difficult for the boys to find anyone to do anything with –or translated means that I am not only trying to work with kids underfoot and in the case of boys — constantly eating — but I also have them chanting the “I’m bored” mantra in my ear.

It’s enough to make a woman insane — or  — in my case more insane.

The good part is that we are approaching mid-vacation week, which means that it is coming to a close.

The only other good part is that I don’t have to get up quite so early this week since there are no buses to catch or lunches to make…. that makes it not so bad after all.