Ah yes, Mother Nature. Now, we will play this little game of tit-for-tat. We melt, melt,melt and finally little patches of ground start appearing. Then just when we think spring is coming and the snow receding, you bring more snow and paint the whole picture all white once again. So the cycle repeats…..each time showing just a little more ground. Teasing. We will go on like this for weeks or maybe even a month or more. Each time revealing a little more earth.

I really dislike this time of the year. I really wouldn’t mind if winter extended well in April or May — as long as it did so all over (or at least all over my little universe). There is nothing quite as disappointing as on a beautiful day such as today, leaving our snow covered hill with barely any ground showing and getting to town where crocuses are actually blooming. This cat-and-mouse game will seemingly go on and on.

Then, just as in a game of tug-o-war, winter’s grip will finally fall and spring will come our way.

We will look around to see the grass turning greener, the flowers beginning to poke their ends above the soil.

Just in time for one last snowfall………….. Old Man Winter has a tough time letting go.