Pillsbury Dough Boy

Image by netmonkey via Flickr

Happy Birthday Pillsbury Dough Boy! Today marks the introduction of the Pillsbury Dough Boy which was introduced on this day in 1965. The pudgy little dough boy that giggled when he was poked in the tummy during commercials was the idea of Rudy Perez, who designed the icon after sitting at his kitchen table staring at the crescent roll product.

Originally he was determined to be a cartoon, but after seeing the introduction to the Dinah Shore show, Perez decided that he should be a three dimensional clay figurine which cost $16,000 to create — a lot of money back in 1965.

Did you have any idea who provided the original voice for the famous dough boy? Actor Paul Frees had the honors. Name ring any bells? He was the voice of Boris on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. After Frees died in 1986, Jeff Bergman (the famous voice of another talking food – Charlie the Tuna) took over. Presently, the voice is JoBe Cerny.

The toy version of the Doughboy was so famous that it was named Toy of the Year in 1972.

“Lovin’ from the oven” ~~~ Happy Birthday Doughboy!

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