St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a big holiday around our house. I don’t know exactly why, it was never a big holiday in my house growing up being a half and half child and my hubby has always been of the opinion that he’s a 100% so why does he need to make a big deal about it one day a year. In any event, no corned beef and cabbage around the T’s house today. In fact, we had sushi for dinner. The boys decided yesterday that in consideration of Japan, we should have sushi on St. Patrick’s Day.

Today marked my foray into the world of sushi making. Frustrated by the lack of good sushi around these parts and finally truly embracing why so many Vermonters make their own….whatever….I embarked on my own sushi experiment.

I made chicken teriyaki rolls and spicy tuna rolls. I must admit that for a first attempt, they came out pretty darn good. The boys gobbled them up and Tim was excited that he could try sushi for the first time, since most sushi already prepared have sesame seeds which he cannot have due to allergies. He, of course, being allergic to fish, had the chicken teriyaki version.

Here are the pictures and perhaps the next time around I can give a more detailed blow-by-blow. This time around I was too busy trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do and the sticky rice is pretty darn sticky, so the camera was definitely not a good idea during the process.