It’s been a busy couple weeks. The boys were on vacation last week and we had company over the weekend, my family visiting from New Jersey, which is always nice. Unfortunately, my sister and her family couldn’t make it so the boys were a little bummed to not see their other cousins as well. This week the boys were back in school, but we still had company visiting with us. Our goddaughter, along with three friends and her mother came up during their winter break (of course the weeks didn’t coincide) to go skiing. I hope that the girls had a good time, since we had a good time hosting them. It was nice to have the hormones in the house tip in favor of estrogen for a change — as you can imagine I am sorely outnumbered most of the time. They left today after we had a nice girl’s lunch in Manchester.

Tonight into tomorrow night we’re forecast for a storm. The weather is forecasting about a foot of snow, lots of wind and blowing and drifting. Each time I look at the forecast, they are inching up the accumulation predictions, which is more than fine with me. I love, love, love a good “no one is going anywhere” snowstorm because it’s almost like Mother Nature telling us all to just slow down and relax.  We are at the mercy of Mother Nature, as so many have learned during this very snowy winter across much of the country. I think that sometimes she just wanted to remind us of who, really is in charge. It is most certainly not us.

So….with an impending storm and cold blustery weather planned, it seems like a good excuse to hunker down and enjoy the winter before it’s over and mud season rears its ugly, messy, goopy head.