Today was a day spent running around, shuttling kids – dropping off and picking up and waiting around in between. It’s easy to be angry that pretty much all the daylight hours of today involved children, getting them up, fixing them breakfast, fixing them lunch, dropping each off at their respective spots and then beginning all over again to pick up, make dinner and now it’s dark. So much for that ski we planned. But it’s also easy to take it in stride knowing that these days, these days where we complain about the boys and how much a pain it is to take them here and take them there, are dwindling. Time to temper the frustration and annoyance at yet another trip to the mountain or Rutland or a friend’s house with the fact that soon, very soon in fact, the house will be too quiet, too still. They will have outgrown their needs for rides. Oldest son gets his license in a few months, middle son gets his permit and youngest son is only a year behind.

While we were waiting to pick up a son today from a sleepover, I took out the camera in the snow and took advantage of the scenery to play. Here are the results.