Here is the view from my new office window. I’m adjusting to my new space and hope to get it a little more organized this weekend. But you can’t beat the view, especially on a beautiful snowy day like today.

Midterms are over. The week that the kids were dreading, some more than others, has passed without incident. Everyone is happy and relieved. Including me. This week I refreshed my knowledge of Spanish, increased my knowledge base of earth sciences, sharpened map skills and learned not to mix up the index flash cards while multitasking between working and helping kids study. Everyone survived. Everyone is happy that exams are over. Especially me. Long weekend for the boys then back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

We are forecast to get some of the coldest weather that Vermont has seen in two years. Sunday night we’re forecast for -24 below (actual temperature) sounds like a good excuse to cuddle up by the fire and finish reading my book club book.