So, 11 years and a day after the sledding date, after college and law school and the bar exam, work, my dad’s open heart surgery and recuperation, we finally made it all official. My wedding band has eleven little diamonds on it (in case I forget how long we dated) and the day went off without a hitch (despite the fact that we married in the winter and I must have asked the catering hall about a billion times what happens if we get a blizzard that day) it seemed as if everyone had a good time, I know that we did (or at least that’s what it looked like in the photos and video (since the entire day was a blur). We honeymooned in Vancouver and Whistler-Blackcomb and it was breathtaking. For those of you who might notice there is a pattern, our first date was in the snow, we got married in the middle of winter (thankfully without a lot of snow), honeymooned in the snow and now live in the snow. Think we like snow or what?

Today, marks 19 years. While it seems like a lifetime (in a good way) it also seems like just yesterday. We have been blessed with three handsome, healthy young men, good family and wonderful friends. I get to spend my life hanging with my best friend. What more could a girl ask for?

Happy Anniversary Tom!