Tom just installed an app on my youngest son’s ipod which helps those, like Tim, that are colorblind. Tim is red/green colorblind which is a trait not uncommon in males. Tom found this app created by a man named Dan Kaminsky, a security guy by trade, that helps the colorblind see the colors that you and I take for granted. He, by the way, evidently is not colorblind either in case you were wondering. He stated that his motivation in developing the application actually came from his friend not noticing the very green girl in a bikini in the Star Trek film they attended  together (his friend merely thought she had a really dark tan and he humorously related that the friend was shocked to learn the girl was really green).


We showed these images to Tim and he was able to partially pick out the first and not pick out the second at all. Tom downloaded the app and using Tim’s ipod over the screen, he was able to easily discern the numbers inside the circles. He was so excited, it was great to see.


For more information please visit where he explains the reasoning behind the development of the app.

The app costs $3 and from the expression on Tim’s face when he used it, you would think we told him he had won lotto. An article about Kaminsky and his app development can be found here.

Good job, Dan. Thanks, you seemed to have made my son’s night. 🙂