We had a nice holiday week. We were fortunate to have visits from my sister and her family. The boys always love to see their cousins. They are always sad when they leave. It’s a cycle, like ending an old year and beginning a new one. I love having my sister around, it’s fun to have someone around who knows me since well – forever. Much like my boys, I am always sad to see her go and always look forward to their next visit. Happily, my nephew who is autistic and loves comes to our house and usually leaves in tears because he doesn’t want to leave, left this visit in good spirits which makes it easier on everyone, especially my sister and my brother-in-law.

It was nice to spend a couple hours with my friend Patty of Where Did The Time Go? who came up from Massachusetts to visit family, which as luck would have it, live in my town. She took me for a tour of her adorable Shack over in Tinmouth. We had fun catching up in person and enjoyed a nice relaxing cup of tea together.

The bummer of the weekend was that I came down with a cold so my motivation factor is pretty minimal. The weather has been very un-winter-like these last few days but refreshingly warm and nice to be outside. Haven’t broken out the cross country skis yet and with the fast melting snow, we’ll probably have to wait until it gets colder and some more snow comes our way.