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Another year has come and gone. We ushered out 2010 and welcomed in 2011. It will take a while to get used to that date. Last night we welcomed a new year with a gathering of family and friends. My sister was here to help organize a nice party – she is after all the queen of party decorating as evidenced here.

We had a nice time celebrating with some good friends and neighbors. Always a fun crowd to hang around with and the kids all seemed to have a good time hanging out in the new digs. It was fortunate that we had company when midnight rolled around or I would have welcomed in the New Year all by my lonesome, since Tom was out rescuing kids on snowmobiles that decided to stop running just before the ball dropped and missed the whole thing. He was back in time to see some (but not all) of the guests out. Let’s just not give too much credit to the tradition that the New Year’s kiss at the stroke of midnight sets the tone for relationship for the coming year. Otherwise, I was pretty much out of luck for this year before it even started.

Let’s see, in keeping with other New Year traditions, the windows (or at least some of them) were open at the stroke of midnight (a lot of people in the house when it’s over 40 degrees will do that) as well as making lots of noise at midnight (to scare away the evil spirits – my grandmother would be proud) – we had that covered with noisemakers and whoops and hollers from the crowd. We didn’t have black-eyed peas today but we did have sausage which is supposed to bring good luck since pigs eat moving forward (for the pig that was the sausage – not good luck since it evidently did not move fast enough to avoid being the sausage).  The color of your underwear is supposed to bring good luck – I won’t divulge the color of my undies but let’s say sheerly by coincidence I had that one covered as well. Some traditions or superstitions believe that the first footer (or first person who knocks on your door New Year’s Day) determines whether or not your year will be lucky.

Overall, I think the party was successful –everyone seemed to have fun, brought some wonderful goodies to share and great company and conversation – it was a night to take stock of how lucky and blessed we are to have such nice and dear friends.

No matter your traditions (however silly they might seem) my wishes that you and your families enjoy a year blessed with good health, much love, laughter and prosperity.


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