As if on cue, a decent snowstorm came calling just a couple days after the official start of winter. We joked that here in Vermont it’s a snowstorm with its forecast of 15-20 inches of snow and in the metropolitan areas of New York City it was forecast as a blizzard. At the time, it was the same snow accumulation forecast, just the way the storm was portrayed differently depending upon which part of the country you are located. Here, it was a snowstorm exactly what is supposed to happen here in winter. We joked that the people in the grocery store hoarding all the eggs, bread and milk must have been “from away” since it was a snowstorm and they were visiting for the holidays and panic at the mere mention of snow.

Of course, being equipped to deal with the snow up here definitely does make it much better. Tom hauled out the tractor to move the snow drifts. We all donned our ski gear, heavy boots, snow pants, ski gloves, neck gaiters, hats and scarves to go outside and no one was particularly cold even in 7 degrees with a 40 mile an hour wind. Everything was open, the roads were plowed. The snow was powdery, light and blew around a lot, but that made it even more interesting and fun. The boys opted to not go snowboarding since the wind was causing lift delays and closures and instead made their own ramp to snowboard off the roof of the potting shed, even with its own jump.

While Mom got a little bit nervous that we might be spending time at the emergency room, it all worked out in the end.