Tom and I are always amazed at what becomes “tradition” with our boys. It somehow seems that the “big” things usually aren’t quite as important as the “little” things. As we enter into the homestretch of the Christmas season, less than two weeks to go, “tradition” becomes more and more evident around the T’s House.

I will never forget when we first moved here full-time and our oldest walked, pacing back and forth through the downstairs, quietly conducting some type of survey. When prompted, he informed me that he was looking for the spot to hang the Christmas cards since in our old house, the archway between the dining room and living room was decorated with a large red ribbon and bow and from it we hung all the Christmas cards that we received through the weeks leading up to Christmas. He was disturbed that our house here in Vermont really doesn’t have any archways (or even real doorways for that matter) and this presented a challenge to him. I am happy to report that ingenuity won out and our non-archway doorways leading into the living room were outfitted with red ribbons and bows and Christmas cards that year. Seemingly small and inconsequential to us, (the cards would have gone somewhere on display) it was so much more for the boys.

My father-in-law a few weeks ago struck a pose with his new birthday gift and announced – “here’s a picture for the calendar” so it seems that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. He was referencing the fact that for the past couple years, I have given both our families photo calendars as gifts chock full of photographs of both families from the preceding year. Well, if I wasn’t planning on a calendar this year…..guess I am now…..after all it’s tradition.