As I type this my husband is enjoying a dinner meeting out somewhere in the lovely city of Minneapolis-St. Paul with his co-workers. Well, actually I have no idea if MSP is lovely or not, as I have never been there, but it sounds good. I have been charged with “keeping the home fires burning” quite literally in fact as you can see. Over the past few days it has become apparent, as it does every time he travels for anything more than a day or two, of exactly how much we rely on each other. While it may seem to my sometimes grumbling (under my breath, of course) self about how much I have to do, it becomes apparent how much more I have to do when Tom’s not around. For instance, tonight as I stood in the kitchen by the breakfast bar, staring at the unlit fishtank (guess who turns the light on and off) it occurred to me that (can you guess this one?) he is also the one that feeds the fish. Poor fish…no wonder they were scurrying around when I came near the tank….thinking “could it be that she is finally going to feed us?” Sorry fish, I forgot that I’m the one in charge. Should my husband be reading this (which I know he is) rest assured that the fish are all okay. So are the chickens and the goats and the human kids…they’re all fine. I didn’t kill anyone.

My point is that I have a great deal of respect for single parents, those single by choice or by fate. It takes a lot to run a house and raise kids, be they young or older. In fact, I think younger is actually a little better since when they’re down, they’re down and they don’t talk back….much. I also have a great deal of love for my husband, we do make a great team and I appreciate that each and every time he is traveling.