Bagels! It’s bagels! — At least that is what we think goes through Jinx’s mind every time I make bagels. Close your eyes and say it the way the dog says it in the Beggin’s Strips commercial. The first time that I made bagels, I left them in a bowl on the counter and we came down the next morning to an empty bowl. There is no way that the dog could eat a dozen bagels – she’ll explode, I thought. But we searched high and low around the floor in the kitchen and the den where she slept and nothing — sure enough she must have eaten a dozen bagels. Later that day, when the boys came home and one of them went to sit down on the couch in the living room, what did he discover under his bottom? Much like the Princess and the Pea he found it uncomfortable due to a ….can you guess? Bagel. Move the pillows on the couch and what’s there — a couple more bagels. Seems that the dog only ate about half the bagels and saw fit to store the others around the house for “later”.

Now, when I make bagels, like these

we’re sure to put them up high and away from the dog.

The recipe for these bagels is from The Food Network. I tried a few different recipes and these are the simplest and the ones that seem to come out the best – they rise well and are crunchy but light, not chewy.