We’re getting close. So close. Tonight I was scrubbing the beams with a wire brush and bleaching them to lighten them up. The original post and beam that we uncovered when we pulled down the wall is far too nice and old and Vermont-ish to have covered back up with sheetrock. The only problem is our doors are already stained and to avoid a room that looks like a gigantic hodge-podge of stain samples, we need to bring it all somewhat close to the same color.

The beams are dark with decades of dirt, grim and god-only-knows what else. I read that motor oil was commonly used to color wood “in the old days”. Maybe that, maybe not.

The above photo shows how dark the beams were before they were scrubbed and cleaned down.

Here’s the “after” – much better, not to mention cleaner.

Now…. I just have to do two wall’s worth of these….before Tuesday when the carpet is delivered.