How goes it? It goes and with it, my sanity.

These last few weeks, well, they have been in a word — hectic. The den remodeling is getting done, but also getting on my nerves. I feel trapped in my own house.  For example this morning I was up and went to go out into the laundry room to get a head start on the laundry I haven’t been able to do all week, to find the contractor there, working on spackling. It’s like this all the time. Saturday morning and no particular plans, maybe we can lay in bed and “sleep in” just a little, but no, someone has come to work on something. Seems that a house with work being done on it, attracts everyone, they must be able to smell it…..One day I walked in to a room with three men working in it and came back through the door less than ten minutes later to a total of seven men in it, some working, some talking, some just stopped by because I think that men can smell construction like sharks can sense blood. If it wasn’t so funny, I think that I would cry. I can’t complain, the work is getting done, it’s just like I feel like I can’t get a break from it. What I need is a vacation — quite honestly — except that’s a whole other set of issues that I don’t care to discuss.

Maybe I’m just super sensitive. Maybe I’m crazy – there are days when I swear that I am hanging on to my sanity by a thread and I’m dead serious about that.

And just as if everything can’t get bad enough, there’s the whole holiday pressure thing looming like a gigantic monster over our heads. A Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, Christmas dinner, Christmas gift wrapping —sheesh, makes you sick of Christmas already and it’s not even the middle of November.

Add to all of that the fact that my husband will be gone for the better part of two of the four weeks in December and this girl is just about ready to scream…..