Selin Jessa poster from

I was about to head upstairs to bed when I found this….a good way to look at things. Artist Selin Jessa from Canada entered this into the Positive Posters contest on the topic of Perspectives. Her perspective is certainly something to keep in mind. The Description included really sums it up well:


Consider that technically, the glass is completely full – half of air and half of water. Just as you can perceive a glass of water in different ways, I think we need to take a moment and look at our lives from a different perspective – a more optimistic one. Our lives right now may seem too stressful, too hard or too busy but we can make every day better for ourselves and for one another. A positive, optimistic attitude is more than seeing the bright side of a situation, it’s believing in a brighter future.

Wonderfully stated Selin. A great outlook on life.