We attended a full afternoon and evening of parent teacher conferences – 14 conferences in total since two of the boys have the same teacher for a class (specials classes don’t have conferences) and they were kind enough to combine that conference – thank heavens for small considerations. Overall, the feedback was good — there are always areas of improvement –but it was nice to hear that they are doing well.

Not much in the way of criticism although I always feel my mother feathers ruffle just a little when someone criticizes one of the boys. Something deep inside rumbles to life and I must remind myself that I have to listen to the criticism and consider it in order that they benefit from it and it makes each of them a better person if they consider it constructive and modify their behavior or study habits, or whatever, accordingly.

One of the more interesting things for both of us was the characterization of one of the boys by all of his teachers as “quiet”. “Quiet” is an adjective that I would not use in any sense of the word to describe that son. Funny to see how your children are perceived through others’ eyes. I wonder what they would think of their description of him if they spent only a few hours in our home. I am quite confident that “quiet” would be completely and totally erased from that definition.

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