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Football scares me. Plain and simple.

As a mother of boys who could have just as easily decided to play football rather than soccer or cross country, (actually not since I would have killed them or at least refused to sign the permission forms — or both) shivers ran down my spine as I read about the Rutgers’ football player who sustained a serious spinal injury to his neck during the game between Rutgers and Army on Saturday rendering him paralyzed from the neck down it appears. My heart goes out to he and his family, certainly not what they all expected when the game started Saturday afternoon. We forget exactly how fragile our bodies (no matter how big, how muscular and how strong) are really. Sometimes we get caught up in the sport – caught up in the action – wrapped up and forget that the slightest twist or turn can be tragic.  Not that it can’t happen in other sports and not that it doesn’t – but football just frightens me. I know that most spinal cord injuries result from motor vehicle collisions, followed by all terrain vehicle collisions, trampolines and then sports related injuries but the tragedy is there all the same.

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Thoughts and prayers go out to this young man and his family.

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