All too often our world is filled with news of death, destruction, human tragedy and despair. I cringe when the alarm goes off to the news because I cannot think of any worse way, honestly, to start my day. In the minute or less that the news is playing, countless death and destruction is brought into my house and my life…not a good way to start your day.

It was wonderful today to see the news popping up on twitter as each and every miner in Chile was rescued, one by one, over hours from the depths of the earth. From the tragedy of the mine collapse, a nation –indeed a world — coalesced in support of the rescue effort. Tragedy reminded us of our commonality and the basic needs, wants and desires that we all, despite our religion, politics or place in this world –share.

It was extraordinary to see these miners, who endured months underground with such great strength, faith and courage, emerge and be greeted by their loved ones. It was incredible to see that cooperation from all over the world could give these families the opportunity to see their husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and nephews again when it seemed that tragedy had befallen yet another community.

It was refreshing to hear good news, to see happy faces, to know that there was, out of all the tragedy that could have easily written the end to this story – so much joy.

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