I feel like such a slacker lately. There has been a lot going on around here and consequently I haven’t had much free time to sit and do one of the things that I enjoy — write here. So to attempt to fill in, here’s what’s been going on (in no particular order):

1. Creme is sick and we are trying to figure out what it is – in typical medical fashion it could be something bad or something worse. The worse is something that would affect all three (goats -I’m talking about here, folks – not human kids) and ultimately could be fatal. Poor little thing’s face is all swollen and the swelling seems to come and go.

2. Frost. We have had some and this week is going to be in the 30s all week. This weekend I spent picking more tomatoes and celery than I care to count and drying and freezing and washing – and covering what’s salvageable in the garden.

3. I am taking over the publication of the Wallingford Historical Society’s newsletter and I have to get my wits about me to figure out what I am doing. The former newsletter editor has been super helpful in pointing me in the right direction and I’ll be knocking on her door this week again I am sure, but there is a lot of work to do on my own and I have to fit it in.

4. We are doing some renovation work around the house and there has just been a stream of things that need to be done and (quite honestly) are more fun and exciting than some of the other work I have to do. Let’s see — draft a foreclosure complaint or get things sorted away in the mudroom? — (I bet you’d pick the same as me)

5. We’ve had some company, lots of kids and soccer and cross country practices, meets, games and general driving responsibilities. Things will be coming to a close soon in that department since those seasons will be wrapping up this month, only to begin the rock climbing, snowboarding and skiing teams…..Go (notice my enthusiasm) team!

This week there are two soccer games, two cross country meets, scouts,practices, a concert (for which I am sure that I have to bake something) PSATs and middle son is interviewing for a winter job on Saturday….

Whewwwwww……..and it’s only Monday.