Tonight I made what is probably Tom and the boys’ favorite meal — Prime Rib Soup. Go figure, other people drool over the rib roast (yes, that would be me drooling) and my family drools over the leftovers. Yesterday I dug a small rib roast that I bought when it was on sale from the freezer and cooked it. Yes, it was delicious, but they were conservative with their eating since they knew whatever was leftover would be the ingredients for the soup. Eat less meat, have more soup – there’s the logic. Yes, we had a nice roast dinner last night but tonight…well tonight was the meal they were all waiting for.

It’s one of the throw-together recipes that I make. It originated from one Christmas when we had a rib roast leftover and no one is big on leftover meat in its roast form. So, I basically take the meat and bones that are leftover and sear them and then add beef broth and let them simmer slowly all day, along with some onions. Then I remove the bones, chop the meat, season it and add rice. Wah..laa – soup or more stew-ish actually.

Add the homemade dinner rolls and ta-da….. dinner!