You’ve heard of the classic firefighter rescuing a cat from a tree. But have you ever heard of a camel rescue? Evidently before the other day, the firefighters of the Clackamas County Fire District hadn’t either. Then they got a call to rescue a camel from a sinkhole, not a tree. The firefighters helped to rescue Moses, an approximately 1,200 pound camel. Well, a couple questions come to mind for me when I read this. First was “What the heck is a camel doing in Oregon?” (mind you, I shouldn’t really speak on this because evidently there is a camel in Vermont also which we have personally seen a couple times on rides to Burlington – but that is another story). Well, Moses has been living with his owners since he was only a few weeks old. The owners purchased him and his sibling for a live nativity. He evidently has since become a member of the family – a member who got himself quite stuck in a sinkhole. The only thing visible was Moses’ head when his owners found him.

The owners tried to pull him out themselves using their four wheel drive utility vehicle, but that didn’t work. They called 911 and the fire department responded.

In true heroic style, the firefighters dug by hand around the camel to create an area where they could fasten straps around him and pull him free – everyone was concerned that he might have broken a leg since he was screaming quite loudly (no offense but if it were me in a sinkhole up to my neck – I’d probably be screaming my fool head off too)

They were able to extract him from the hole, intact with no broken bones. He was apparently fine and his owners were relieved.

The fire department – well, they can add camel rescue to their list which by the way, already includes pulling a cow from a well.

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