Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium
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Awww, they shouldn’t have. When I read this at first, I thought it was awful nice of them to help me celebrate. But then, when I read the fine print, I realized that it really had nothing to do with me.

Six years ago, the Smithsonian Magazine started what is called “Museum Day” to raise awareness of museums and offer smaller museums some publicity. This year, on September 25 (the day after my birthday – hint, hint) museums across the country will offer free admission for the day.  There are over 1,400 museums which participate in free admission this day.

In order to gain your free admission ticket, you need to go the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day website and download the free admission ticket.

Here in Vermont, these are just a few of the museums that offer free admission on September 25th:

Billings Farm and Museum

Calvin Coolidge Historic Site

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium

Hildene, The Lincoln Home

Bennington Battle Monument

Vermont Marble Museum

So, go ahead, enjoy my birthday weekend at a museum – it’s good for you. 🙂

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