This evening, we noticed a rainbow outside in the sky. Not just a partial rainbow, mind you but a whole from end to end rainbow. It was beautiful. It was a nice end to the day and a great compliment to the beautiful sunrise this morning.

The seven rays of color of the rainbow carry some significance.

Blue is the color of spirituality

Yellow is the color of wisdom

Red is the color of vitality

Orange is the color of creative energy

Green is the color of balance

Indigo is the color of infinity.

Sir Isaac Newton in early experiments decided the colors of the rainbow were as above. Supposedly Newton was a believer in numerology and the number seven is a special number with religious significance. Of course the rainbow is made up of an infinite number of light variations, but we all learned the mnemonic ROY G. BIV and commonly refer to the colors of the rainbow as such.

The Nordic and the Navajo believe that rainbows span the distance between heaven and earth and only appears on the days that St. Peter opens heaven’s gates to allow new souls to enter, biblical references mark it as a promise from God after the Great Flood. The Irish believe that it marks the pot of gold guarded by leprechauns.