To help myself and everyone else get through these hot days….

One of the things that I enjoy the most about living here year-round is the chance to actually see the seasons change right before my very eyes. When we were traveling back and forth on weekends, we had snapshots of the different seasons, spring and its mud, winter and its snow and ice, summer and its green splendor and fall with its breathtaking foliage. Now, I get to actually see the seasons morphing, one into the next, little changes that are significant yet often overlooked unless you’re here watching. I notice the small things, leaves on one tree starting to change, the treescape taking on just a twinge of color, not enough to call it “fall foliage” but enough to notice that a new season is upon us.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cool, crisp air in the mornings and  evenings and the warm but not too hot, days. I enjoy the fact that I can walk by an apple tree and grab a snack that tastes so much fresher than anything that a store can offer me. I love the rainfall of pretty colored leaves that float to and fro on the wind before settling onto the still green grass of my lawn.

It won’t be long before the air holds whiffs of smoke from woodstoves or burning leaves. I enjoy the abundance of vegetables that I find every time I look into my garden and the incredible ease of going out on the patio to pick fresh herbs to season dinner or salad to compliment it.

Autumn signals the harvest and the start of the school year, the season of taking stock of what’s important; taking stock of what blessings Mother Nature has bestowed upon the fields and the gardens and realizing just how lucky we are to live in this area with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables feet from our own home.

And another great thing about Autumn….

Winter is not far behind…… 🙂