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This was our bed for the duration of our stay in Maine. Nice room, but seriously I needed a ladder to get to the bed. One of the best things about getting home is coming home to my own bed. 🙂


Eventually come to an end. As much as I’ve looked forward to vacation, I am also looking forward to going home. The boys…well, I’m guessing not quite as much. Coming home from vacation marks 10 days to the start of school. Yes, for those of you who have kids our schools open 8/25 way before Labor Day, which is technically their first long holiday weekend.

The house has been fun and the consensus I believe is that they would do it again (of course, they’re not paying for it). It’s quiet here, for the most part, we are well away from the hustle and bustle of Ogunquit and Route 1, but close enough to walk to it.

Today was the last full day of vacation – Tom and I snuck away to Ogunquit on the trolley for a nice walk, coffee on the ocean and lunch. Makes me think of our honeymoon, when there weren’t kids and what they wanted first and foremost in our minds.

The weather today was perfect, warm in the sun and cool and breezy in the shade. A nice last day and a really nice afternoon spent with my best friend.

For those of you who love Pop Tarts, those pastries filled with jam and topped with sugar (or not, yet those really never seem to leave the shelves) rejoice! Pop Tart World has been opened in Times Square. A 3,000 square foot storefront devoted to Pop Tarts featuring a Pop Tarts Cafe which offers such delectables as Pop Tart Sushi (crushed Pop Tarts wrapped into Fruit rollups), and ice cream mixed with crushed Pop Tart pieces.

The store also features a Varietizer, a machine that allows you to customize your own box of Pop Tarts, mixing a variety of 30 flavors.

For the full scoop on Pop Tart World which is located in Times Square, check out the full article on Slashfood.

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Vacation – just the word brings to mind thoughts of lazy days and quiet nights. Well, with teenagers it’s not quite that lazy or that quiet, but all in all, I think that everyone is enjoying their time here in Maine.

The boys are familiar enough with the area (and we’re satisfied with the security) to allow them to the freedom to travel as group by trolley into town and down for ice cream and mini golf. This is nice as it allows us (the adults) some time to do some of the exploring that we happen to like. Today, we drove into Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. We wandered around taking in the sights and enjoying the scenery.

Although we weren’t looking for it, we came upon the Bush Compound.

We also found this little bit of home.

When our boys were younger, being children of the age of online everything, they were flabbergasted one day on our ride from New Jersey to Vermont when they couldn’t get their Nintendo DS to work online. My oldest son was flustered that he just couldn’t get the internet to work and didn’t understand why. My husband had to patiently explain to them that the internet wasn’t everywhere…we were driving and they would have to wait until we arrived at our destination.

My oldest was understandably both disgusted and distraught. How could the internet not be everywhere? Well, his dream is evidently coming true and he will have VTel and the federal government to thank. VTel announced yesterday that it had received sufficient federal funding to extend broadband wireless “to every corner of the state”. That’s right TJ, pretty soon the internet will be everywhere.

It’s nice to know, when your baby just turned into a teenager, that he and his friend had no problem tracking down the superhero capes at Great Escape and proudly donning them for the entire day around the park. Makes a mom feel like she hasn’t quite lost him yet……

Evidently Vermont’s NOFA has come up with a new spin on dating. Weed-dating instead of speed dating. Singles gather at a local farm and pull weeds. When the goat bell rings after seven minutes, they switch rows and/or weeding partners. Makes sense that performing some type of task or activity is a whole lot less stressful than sitting across from each other at a table, just staring.

The first ever weed-dating event was sponsored by NOFA and held at Tunbridge Farm in Tunbridge, VT. Nine singles participated in the event. Whether any dating relationships will stem from the weeding session remains to be seen. What is known however, is that the leek beds at the farm are in a whole lot better shape.

The article explaining the particulars of the weed dating phenomenon can be found at the Burlington Free Press.

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My friend and fellow blogger, Patty over at Where did the time go? is dedicating her blog this month to her relative Jocelyn Heberts’ 273 mile Long Trail hike through Vermont in support of Parkinson’s awareness. According to Patty, Jocelyn’s father suffered from and died of Parkinson’s Disease. This month, Jocelyn has embarked on a 273 mile hike through Vermont’s Long Trail to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and help in finding a cure.

Jocelyn has a website up called Peaks for Parkinson’s and is maintaining a trail blog which can be found here.

Feel free to poke in on Jocelyn’s hike, either figuratively by following her blog or literally by joining her on the Long Trail.

Best of luck to Jocelyn as she embarks on her journey – godspeed!

Today is a happy day – it’s Tim’s birthday! Today, my baby – the youngest of the gang becomes a teenager. He is the Last of the Mohegans – the last child to cross over the threshold into teenager-dom. He’s a great kid and it’s so hard to believe that he is now 13 years old. Seems like only yesterday….

The tides in the Heffernan house have changed with this birthday – no longer a house of boys – rather we are a house of teenagers.


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