This afternoon we attended a party/fundraiser for our dear friend and neighbor, Tom French who suffered a stroke a few months ago. The party was a welcome back to Vermont party and a fundraiser to help offset some of his medical expenses.

All I can say is if I have 1/50th of the number of people that care about me as Tom had there today, I would consider myself a very, very, very lucky woman. It was pouring rain today yet the party held at the beautiful home of The Johnsons in Clarendon in their pavilion (which was absolutely gorgeous) had at least 500 people purchase tickets to attend. There were people everywhere and so many, many familiar faces.

The parking lot looked like we were at the fair or a concert with all the cars parked everywhere.

Tom was happily greeting all his well-wishers and was totally enjoying himself. It was so nice to see him back in his element. If love and well wishes could provide energy then Tom could have easily been propelled to the moon and back, many times over this afternoon.