There is a Dave Matthews’ song “Where Are You Going” that was playing on the radio today while I was driving. One of the lines is “where you are is where I belong” and it is particularly fitting in light of a conversation we had just yesterday. There is a neighbor’s house that has been the subject of some speculation. We know the people that live there, not that well, but well enough to know that the husband was being relocated out of the country and the wife and children were to follow at the end of the school year. The house went up for sale and then the sign was gone and the house appeared empty. We assumed that they had in fact moved since one of the neighbors said they saw a moving van. Suddenly, just the other day, we saw the woman out running and the house suddenly has activity again. Tom’s comment was maybe the women went over, didn’t like it and came back. I thought that it was an odd comment since I can’t imagine that scenario in my life. He asked me if he was forced to relocate for work to a place that I didn’t particularly like would I move. Without blinking an eye, I answered that of course I would. He is where I belong. Home is not so much about a place, but the people that make it cozy, familiar, safe and fun. Where I belong is with him, no doubt in my mind, that is where home is -wherever in the world that might be.