Sorry that I have been a slacker lately. I could blame it on a lot of things, some bad news that made me mopey for a few days, then the 4th of July holiday and a houseful of family and some pretty hot, hot weather. I didn’t realize that I was really that much of a slacker until an out-of-state friend of mine called to check in since they hadn’t seen a new post and were a bit concerned.

Everything is okay, I am happy to report and we are back (hopefully) to our regularly scheduled posting. Sorry for the interruption and pretty neat to know that if I should drop dead or something, someone might actually notice and let the authorities know before I become one of those ugly news stories – body found 6 months after death, poised over computer, stinking up the house. 🙂

The summer so far has definitely been boys, boys, boys – most days have been a houseful of them or in some way the day has revolved totally and completely around them. We took the boys to Great Escape one day last week since their cousin was staying with us for the week. It was a beautiful breezy day, we grabbed a couple of chaise lounges in the waterpark with a couple of iced coffees and our books, a nice calm day while the boys (what does one call a group of boys? a gaggle, a boodle?) wandered around the park and the waterpark enjoying themselves, returning to us only for the occasional “can I have?” question.

My sister and her boys (do you see a theme here?) came up for the holiday weekend. We spent a nice day at Plymouth State Park on the 4th of July, kayaking and generally playing around in the water and on the paddle boat my sister rented for the boys. It was fun and relaxing. We came home to news that my brother and his family (the girls in the family) were abandoning the heat wave of New Jersey for the heat wave of Vermont (we tease that he brought the weather with him, since it wasn’t that hot until he arrived) and the entire family went to see the fireworks for which my husband secured a primo spot.