Bacon. Some think it’s the perfect food, especially if you’re my kids. Crispy bacon can be a meal in and unto itself. My kids love bacon so much that they asked for bacon salt for Christmas and our friend Cassie gave us a basket of assorted bacon and a bacon book. (I kid you not). So, is there anything at all that could make bacon any better, any cooler?

Yes! Evidently it is colored bacon.



Evidently a gentleman by the name of Neil Caldwell has designed rainbow colored bacon. The bacon which is evidently dyed somehow, although Mr. Caldwell will not divulge his secret just yet, does not lose its color when it is cooked.

Read all about it and see the uncooked version of Caldwell’s bacon at This breakthrough was so noteworthy in the bacon world that it made the headlines on Bacon Today. Again….seriously I kid you not.

The girl with the dreaded fear of itching and loathing of HFCS will most definitely NOT be trying the colored bacon, but I bet it’s high on the boys’ wish list (my little bacon fiends)…..just sayin’