Do you remember the fable about the Country Mouse and his City cousin? The City cousin convinced the Country Mouse to leave his simple country life to come to the City and when he did, the Country Mouse realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and he much preferred to live a simpler live in the country.

Well, I think that somewhere along the way in this crazy trip called life, I turned into the Country Mouse. Pretty funny actually when you think about it – Jersey Girl turned Country Mouse. Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to life and what I want out of it (this is the part where no one…and I mean no one…interrupts with the “you’re a grown woman”, “you’re a mom” or (GASP) “you’re almost 50” (Did I really write that??? Geez that’s pretty scary seeing it in print)) Anyway, I have been taking these walk/runs every morning which give me time to think while I dodge deer flies, and I have come to the conclusion that I am just where I want to be, here in the country, being just a plain old simple country mouse.

We were down in NJ this weekend and it was fabulous to see our family and friends and catch up and visit, but it was extra fabulous to come home, away from all the traffic, noise and sheer volume of people in New Jersey to come home to our little house on the hill here in Vermont. The sheer absence of tons of people, traffic and noise were blissful. The weather was still hot but so much less humid than down there and last night I was outright cold. This spot in the country, well this spot feels like home. There was a time, when I couldn’t believe that I actually moved here and maybe was just a little bit scared that I was moving away from everything that I knew my entire life. But, now there is no doubt and while we still are in awe of the fact that we live in such a beautiful, peaceful place– it no longer feels strange, not even the tiniest bit. This is home, with all of its woods, grass, goats, chickens, flowers, chores, and yes… ice and snow. This country mouse wouldn’t change her life here in the country with neighbors that have grown to be more than just our friends, they are our extended family. We share our laughter, tears, accomplishments and the fairly regular meal here and there.

The country life suits me well I’ve decided. I guess that inside I am really just a country mouse…. and I like it that way. 🙂