Photo: Vera Kratochvil

On Monday, June 21st, 60 pianos will be placed throughout New York City. The pianos, all donated and given very cool and artistic paint jobs by volunteers are part of a public art project called “Play Me…I’m Yours”. Sing for Hope is the non-profit group that will be responsible for bringing color and music to the city. The pianos will be there…for the playing. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to go on up to one of these pianos and play a tune, sing a song…release your inner Elton John.

Each piano will be watched over by a volunteer who will cover it should inclement weather come upon the city. And not that anyone would want to steal one of these lovely pieces of art…but they will be chained to cinderblocks…just in case.

For more in depth information about this pretty darn cool project here’s the link.

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