Sometimes you’re having a good day and then blam-o, it turns to crap and it puts you in a crappy mood. That’s the kind of day I’m having this evening. I was having a good day most of the day, getting work accomplished, laundry under control, managed to get kids everywhere they needed to be when they needed to be there and cook dinner and eat in less than an hour. Real food, mind you, not something we grabbed along the road somewhere – I planned on making chicken piccata (the boys love it) so in between picking up from school and dropping off at guitar I pounded the chicken cutlets and put them aside so all I had to do later was cook them up. That, rice and salad and presto-dinner. While I was doing that I was testing oldest son on his French in preparation for his oral exam tomorrow. We ate and then were right back out the door for scouts. Normally Tom usually takes them but he is away this week, so I am pulling double duty. Got a few minutes there to read my book and then back home – and that, my friends, is where it all fell apart.

Evidently oldest son was annoyed about having to look up what a “score” is (as in Gettysburg address) and copped an attitude. They wanted to stop somewhere on the way home – Doreen’s, Cumby’s but I forgot and when he brought it to my attention, well then I asked “where?” and no one answered me (which they know —or at least should know by now– really ticks me off) I guess I have a thing for being ignored and rude kids. I pulled over and waited for someone to say something about where they wanted to go. No one answered. ARGHHHH!

Well, home was the ultimate destination – a cold, stony, non-talking ride back up the hill. Talk about putting me in a bad mood, then I get a cheery phone call from Tom telling me about his great evening and trip and everything that I am NOT doing and places that I AM NOT and probably will never be. I get the cold-shouldered kids and he gets dinner in Wisconsin. What’s not to be in a crappy mood about?

I am hitting “publish” crawling into bed and hoping that tomorrow brings happier children (I doubt it since its the middle school picnic and its supposed to pour – so soggy kids aren’t necessarily happy kids) but we can always dream……

BTW, the photo is a picture of middle son refusing to allow me to take his picture – where did my cute, adoring children go? I want them back!