Drove over this morning to Greenwich, New York (ever been?…me neither until today) to pick up Tom’s bees. Who would have thought that there were these many people also picking up bees?

but there were… so we waited…..

and waited… about an hour and a half all together to get these babies….

And I really thought that Tom was kidding when he said that the bees were riding in the truck with us…seriously riding with like tens of thousands of bees for about an hour or so….who signed me up for this?

Especially considering that there were stragglers…..which weren’t caged.

Evidently (and luckily for me) straggler bees are far more interested in trying to get in to where all their long lost relative bees are in captivity than in worrying about stinging me….so we got along beautifully for the ride.

Now, the bees are chilling (literally) in the basement where it is cooler until Tom can get them set up in their hives tomorrow.