Okay, well maybe not the whole world, that would be pretty darn amazing wouldn’t it? I guess that I mean my own little corner of the world. Tom made it home safely and what a good day to be a Friday! I had another good walk (2 miles – 1 car, lots of birds) Mother’s Day cards were sent, flowers sent, laundry done (I mean every last article of clothing). It can mean only one thing-onslaught of the children. We are headed out tonight to see the boys’ friends band at a little coffeehouse in Rutland and then it appears that everyone is coming back to our house for a sleepover. What’s better than a houseful of boys? I don’t know I have no experience with anything else. Let’s see how many bodies tonight brings us. Maybe I’ll do challah bread for french toast in the morning. See, I told you everything is right with the world. 🙂

Happy Friday!