I’m flying solo this week, no co-pilot. I get to be the queen of the castle for a few days while the king is out enjoying..well I don’t know what he’s enjoying since he’s away working, so I guess he’s enjoying time away from the queen and the little knights. (Sometimes the little knights can be gigantic pains in the royal behind so I could understand how he would enjoy this).

But hey, it’s basically a week of little or no sleep (as many of you know) and hopefully, a lot of productivity. The fundraising for Odyssey has taken its toll on my house and my writing and pretty much everything else. Thank heavens that is over and done with … well except for the silent auction items that I have to track down the winners of… but hopefully that won’t involve too much time.

As Tom said, he will miss this week since my lack of sleep usually means lots of baking…good for the boys. But then again if he were here, I probably would be sleeping just fine, so there most likely would not be “Tammy can’t sleep” baked goods around the house.