Just got in from our Odyssey Silent Auction. Surprisingly, when we actually put the little bit of this and the little bit of that that we all acquired, we magically had a room full of some really, really great stuff. We had everything you could imagine (gift certificates and gift baskets) to things you wouldn’t even imagine (a whirlpool tub and toilets). We had tables of desserts that put pounds on your hips just from looking at them. We had a stageful of raffle items that made a whole lot of kids smile and jump in excitement when their name was called as the winner of some new treasure.

We don’t yet have the bottom line calculated or the prizes all distributed and the monies collected, but I’d vote the evening a success.

Looking around the room tonight, I realized when prompted by Tom to bid on the things that I wanted, that I really didn’t need anything that was there (okay, except for the pizza stone). It would have been nice to win tickets to something or a gift certificate here or there or a birdhouse – but not necessary. I think the feeling was akin to cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner – you are around the food for days – planning it, buying it, cooking it all day – smelling it cooking, preparing it and by the time it is actually time to eat it – you are just not all that interested in the food anymore.

In thinking about it though, I have to say that I think it is more that I have a lot of the things that I need and are important to me right in my house at this very moment – and most of them cannot be measured in dollars or cents. For that realization, I am grateful.

Happy MayDay everyone….