Photo:University of Delaware Library

Elizabeth Post, the granddaughter-in-law of Miss Etiquette herself, Emily Post passed away this weekend at the age of 89 a few days shy of her 90th birthday on May 7th. Elizabeth took over the Emily Post Institute (where I have routinely threatened to send my sons on more than one occasion) after Emily Post passed away. Elizabeth ran the Institute from 1960 to 1995 when her daughter-in-law Peggy Post took over the reins and Elizabeth retired.

There are a couple things that caught my eye when I read about Ms. Post’s passing. First she was a New Jersey native, and even was born in the town I grew up in – Englewood. She also moved to Vermont (her grandchildren called her “Mud” -fitting for a Vermonter) and lived in Waterbury, Vermont. She wintered in Naples, Florida which is where she was when she passed away.

The Emily Post Institute is located also here in Vermont – in Burlington. (See boys not that far a drive to get to that etiquette camp I keep threatening about).

Elizabeth did several re-writes to the Emily Post book on Etiquette and also published several Post books in her own right.

Manners, etiquette these are the things which some people these days seem to know nothing of. Rest in peace, Ms. Post.