Spring break is behind us – Memorial Day is in front of us – May is just around the corner as I write this. For those of you who don’t live in the Great White North, seedlings and flowers, vegetables, the beach and barbeques come to mind while you dream. For those of us that do, there is a widespread frost alert for tonight, which means that anything that is already growing, might not be tomorrow morning. It also means that when you look around at the mountains (and trust me we have plenty of them) there is snow in them there hills. I am not referring to the mountains that house the ski resorts, the trails on those in many areas still carry strips of white among the green that is rapidly blossoming to life. Rather, the entire higher elevations are coated in white, frosted if you will and they look delicious.

We returned from our trip to New Jersey on Friday evening and awoke to snowflakes the size of softballs falling from the sky Saturday morning. Most of Saturday there was more snow than rain falling from the sky.

For those of you who are skeptical, I post bearing photos. I wish that I would have taken them this morning, but as of late afternoon, they are still quite white. For those of you who doubt and think I photoshopped (FYI I don’t even own it) or swapped out a real winter picture – note the budding trees in the foreground.

No one in these parts really considers Memorial Day the beginning of summer, by then it still really won’t seem like summer as it will in places south of here. No one will be running to the beach unless of course they are part of the Polar Bear Club. The water will still be quite chilly. Pools and the lakes around here don’t really open for business until late June. Our last frost date is early June. Summer is short, but it is sweet.

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