It’s been a long week. One of those weeks that you get tangled up in and forget what day it is and it’s not just because the boys were off from school. We have been in and out and away. Those days in New Jersey, while weekdays, felt like weekend days, which now makes the weekend days feel completely lost. I am not the only one that feels this way, since I had to correct the boys a couple times since they apparently have lost track of time and days as well.

The weather here is a mix of snow and rain – it seems that Mother Nature can’t make up her mind. Yesterday there were snowflakes the size of snowballs falling from the sky and then rain, back to snow and well, you get the picture. That is going to be the pattern for the next few days and temperatures won’t even hit the mid 40s. Good days to be indoors with a book or magazine and the fire.

Tomorrow we are all back to our routines – up before its light and kids off to school – us to work. Crank up the gears and get things moving again – next break will be summer vacation and hopefully there will be no snow by then.