We arrived back home last night from our trip to New Jersey for my aunt’s funeral. While the circumstances were sad, it was so nice to see so many cousins that I have not seen in ages. My boys got a chance to meet family that they have never met and hopefully some nice lifelong connections will come out of it for them with their new cousins (I know some Facebook connections are happening as I type this). My aunt would have been so pleased to see her whole family together, since that was her one wish, laughing and remembering her, (even if it was my cousin Kim and I that had to do the talking for all of us at the mausoleum).

The boys got the opportunity to spend some real quality time with their cousin Emily who they all adore. It is so much fun to watch these teenage boys gather around her with eyes so wide open, laughing and playing. I have a bunch of pictures to download and post so everyone can enjoy them.

It is so hard to condense a lifetime of places and friends, family and relationships into a couple days. We tried to do the best we could and for those of you that we missed, we’ll try next time but you know you all are welcome up north anytime.

We woke this morning to snow and there is more forecast for the entire weekend in the higher elevations, which means us. What a stark contrast from the warm, almost summer-like temperatures over the past few days in NJ.

And in the words of Dorothy … “there’s no place like home”….. while we enjoyed visiting, it is good to be home.