Sometimes being a mom is hard. It’s hard to hold your tongue when you want to yell back at the kid that just snapped at your because somehow “mom” = “laundry queen”. It’s hard when your kid really loves to do something but in the process of trying to get him to do it, you feel like the dentist pulling teeth. Gigantic tugs and still no progress, that thing is holding on by roots clear down to the toes. Yesterday was one of those types of the days and the laundry thing this morning by oldest son was just the topping on the proverbial cake.

Auditions for a play – something youngest son loves (acting) were akin to that proverbial tooth pulling. Also a lot of tugging at the mom heart strings – all for something that you know in the end, he’s going to love and do wonderfully at. Adolescence lack of self-confidence, too little sleep, nerves or something else. An emotionally draining day for both of us when it was supposed to be fun for him. Why don’t things ever go as planned? Oh, I remember, because we don’t want to make parenting look too easy – or everyone will want to do it.