The weekend was busy, but fun. Today was a rainy, slushy, snowy day – a good day to bake. Cinnamon buns and bread along with a chicken sausage jambalaya for dinner. We enjoyed a visit from Tom’s cousin from Ohio who was in for business. We had a weekend without the boys who were at camp in New Hampshire and seemed to have a great time.

There was a get together at Sal’s for Tom French. Well attended, nice to see so many familiar faces. Got to meet (finally) Tom’s sisters Sue and Debbie who I have been emailing with for weeks now. News is looking up and hopefully the new rehabilitation facility will be the medicine that he needs to return to us. We missed our chance to visit him because that was the day he was transferred to Salem. Glad to know that we were unable to see him for a good reason.

The snow, well, the snow is still here. I think it will be at least April before it is gone, and by the looks of the front of the house, could even be May.

Hope Pi Day was a good day.