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Well, I did it. I finally caved and joined Facebook. While I could live vicariously through Tom as it pertained to friends and family – I just couldn’t hold out any longer after the boys were allowed to join. Mom nosey-ness overruled my steadfast refusal to join another social media thing. Much like many of the other things in my life that I just couldn’t imagine doing without kids, this is one of them. In my logic, I am on Twitter, I have this blog and I also have a job (okay – many different little jobs which actually pay for me to use my time on the computer) so I didn’t see the need for one… more… thing. I guess that I was wrong.

Kids, they’ll get you to do the darndest things.


It’s not particularly cold out today, temperature-wise. It is however, quite raw and cold and very, very windy. There are a couple quite sizable trees that have met their maker today. The wind is whipping and it is raw.  A good day to curl up by a fire with a book or knitting. A good day to stay put. I hear that it is raining around us and the weather says that not only are we going to get rain, but we are going to get sleet and freezing rain – ah, one of the benefits of living at altitude. We get the privilege of dealing with about an inch of frozen stuff, of indeterminable source by tomorrow morning. Dig out the ice scrapers folks, it seems that winter is making another comeback…but wait, we still have about two feet of snow on the ground.

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