When all else fails, blame Mom. At least that’s the way it seems sometimes. Middle son, who could truly sleep his entire life away, gets up at 10:30 angry at me that he wasn’t woken up at 8 to go snowboarding with his friends. First, how did I become the family alarm clock? Second, his snow clothes which he threw up on yesterday are still wet, since no one took them out of the washer to hang dry. Third, we had plans for a nice family day but offered (before we remembered about the wet clothes) to drop him off there despite it being my fault which still wasn’t an acceptable response. Jeez…..

This, being the first morning in I cannot remember how long, that we decided to sleep in (a relative term in our house) and let the kids do the same. This gives total credence to my claim that if I didn’t get up in the morning (or dropped dead in my sleep and couldn’t wake up in the morning) that no one would move in the house.

Well, seems the day is off to a wonderful start….