So far, it’s been a Saturday. We were up early since Tim had guitar lessons and I was bringing kids home from a sleepover/to the mountain to go snowboarding. As it turns out it was snowing like mad and Tim’s guitar teacher called to cancel his lesson. I had to take oldest son to the mountain anyway and we left. Then I had to unload the Suburban and make a couple trips back and forth to cart the Odyssey team’s props down to the elementary school so they can have a marathon practice today – one week to state finals. On the way back up Route 140 for the second load a deer jumped over the guardrail and directly into the passenger side of my truck. With little to no warning, I slammed on the brakes and swerved, causing the feet of snow and ice on the top of the truck to come cascading down onto the windshield and hood, effectively blinding us on a curve. No damage to the truck, no damage to the deer (it continued to run off although we definitely heard a “thud”). Tyler was on his way to snowboarding with his friend. The plan was friend’s dad would drop them off and I would pick them up this afternoon along with TJ and whoever else happened to need a ride back to Wallingford. We got word that those plans were scrapped however when middle son decided to throw up inside friend’s dad’s truck and himself and the dad evidently. So they were headed back, just as husband and I were about to head out to Manchester to the bookstore for a few hours of “couple” time. I don’t know what one does to apologize to a friend’s parent for your child vomiting in their truck and on them, so I am totally open to suggestions – but I am guessing that it’s going to take more than a simple “I’m sorry” which we already offered, along with the offer to clean his truck seat. This guy, btw, is a sweetheart since he evidently left Tom with the words “we’re going tomorrow if Tyler needs a ride” – wow, not every parent offers to take your child somewhere within minutes of him puking on himself, you and your truck.

So, that was my morning and it’s only noon. Wonder how the rest of the day is going to play out.  Guesses anyone?