We have had a winter with not that much snow. In fact, I don’t think that we have had anything that you could really call a storm. Nothing that even bears a resemblance to what our relatives in New Jersey and the rest of the mid Atlantic states have had. Too bad since the snow should be up here where it is appreciated. The words “Winter Storm Warning” or for that matter “Winter Storm Watch” have barely appeared on our weather forecasts this winter. Don’t get me wrong, we have snow, it snows a little here, a little there….but no snow storm. No dumping of snow.

That however “may” change (I hate to type it for fear that the weather, being as fickle as it is to us New Englanders might change once again). Snow is predicted for every day this week starting tonight. Perhaps, just perhaps, the significant snow that they predict for Tuesday night into Wednesday and then again Thursday night into Friday might be a storm – or two of them if we are lucky.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Snow … in the winter… in Vermont. A novel concept.