We bought and renovated a little cabin not far from us with the intention of trying to rent it out when my in-laws weren’t using it. In the past month or so, we have had numerous inquiries and dealt with a decent sized group of people. I am sad to say that the majority of the people that we have dealt with are just plain rude. Is the fact that you don’t know who I am an excuse? Does that justify rude behavior that you wouldn’t tolerate yourself?

We have had people who tell us that they are interested and then never get back to us. We have had people tell us that they are sending us a deposit and then don’t and do not bother to tell us that they are no longer interested or found something else. But perhaps the best was yesterday. We had someone call to ask if the cabin was available for a last minute rental for the weekend. It was a man with a family who wanted to come last night. We explained that the cabin was available but since renters had just left, it needed to be cleaned. He called us back to tell us that he was definitely interested. We gave them the relevant information regarding directions and they anticipated being here about 7 p.m.

I ran around like a nut, cleaning and putting clean linens and towels out, trying to get it all ready before we headed off for Ash Wednesday services last night. 7 o’clock came, so did 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. No phone call, no renters. Finally at 12:30 my husband went to bed, convinced that they were not coming.

Did they have a last minute emergency, or car trouble or simply change their plans? We don’t know since they never even had the courtesy of calling us. I wonder how they would like it if they expected someone and then waited for hours for them and they didn’t show up or call?

Is it just me or is that incredible rudeness? At 10:10 we called and left a voicemail, which wasn’t returned. As I sit here this morning, still there is no message, no email, nothing.

When we were inquiring just a few weeks ago for a vacation rental of our own for this summer, I responded to everyone that answered us, advising them “thanks but we already booked something” or “thanks but we are rather firm in our dates”. At least they got a reply and they knew where we stood. To do otherwise, at least the way that I was raised, was rude.

Maybe I expect too much from people. Maybe I think that just because I have manners and say “please and thank you” and give people the courtesy of replies, that I should receive them as well. That appears to just be a crazy thought I guess. That maybe I should treat people the way that I would like to be treated. That maybe, just maybe, a phone call or an email is not only appropriate but necessary when my plans change.

I am just flabbergasted by the extent of ignorance and rudeness that people display. I am calling this gentlemen who made us wait up for him last night without a phone call or an email to justify his absence and rudeness. I have no intention of being rude. I intend to ask him if everything is okay, if anyone is sick. I intend to drown him in sugar and kindness and hopefully in the process make him realize that we weren’t just a couple voices on the other end of the phone, that we were a family that also had a life and plans and maybe, just maybe a phone call would have been nice.  Perhaps next time, he will remember how he would feel and he will act differently. Maybe. One can always hope.